Some prophet's tirade on knowledge and the "information superhighway" in 1993. Warning, link contains profanity. Here is an excerpt:

There’s a moral to this story boys and girls. Inform, teach, explore. Don’t gain the elitest attitude that only the few computer guru’s deserve the k-nowledge. That will get society nowhere. If something is not done to show Americans the light, then it will all go to hell. All computers will turn into entertainment systems. Inventiveness will be left to the evil, who’s only goal is to get money from you. If you are in disbelief, just turn on your T.V. Didn’t MTV start out as a new media form? Now-a-days, theres about .1% M in MTV, and about 99% ads and manipulation. Lets give a wakeup call to the world. Lets make it big and loud. NOW, not tomorrow.


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