A mere 10% of scientific research is reproducible, in some cases.

http://today.duke.edu/2014/02/reproducibility The proposed solution is integrating the raw data, the computing, and analysis into one package as opposed to using different software tools for different stages of research which may make it cumbersome for students to back-step.

Enter R Markdown, a statistical package that integrates seamlessly with the programming language R. The team chose R Markdown for its ease of use – students wouldn’t have to learn a new computer syntax – and because it combines the raw data, computing and written analysis into one HTML document. The researchers hoped a single HTML file would give students a start-to-finish understanding of assignments, as well as make studying and grading easier.

What the hivemind had to say on this: https://pay.reddit.com/r/science/comments/1z8w5k/scientists_propose_teaching_reproducibility_to/


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